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History of Cotton Exhibit

Discover the days of a bygone era when cotton was a part of everyday life in Hunt County. Greenville was home to the world's largest inland cotton compress, which set a world record both in 1911 and 1912. Imagine in just one 10 hour work day being able to compress 2,073 bales of cotton! The engine of the compress is on display at the Museum.


History of Hunt County Gallery

The long-awaited Hunt County Gallery opened to the public January 15th! This section has been expanded to include exhibits on the early history of Hunt County, the people, schools and early businesses of this area. In addition, there will be a 1920s era main street exhibit with five stores that visitors will be able "window shop" as they walk down the "main street". They include a millinery, a clothing shop, beauty salon, hardware store and drugstore. Make sure to come on by to take a look at our new expansion!

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Folk Art Nativities

A new temporary exhibit of folk art nativities by local collector Pud Kearns are now on display. Pud began collecting in 1975 and as her collecting evolved, she narrowed her focus to a folk art collection with a nativity theme. The nativities displayed in the Museum are a part of her collection and represent a varity of countries, artists and materials.

One nativity is beautifully worked in needlepoint by the collector's mother, Mary Lauderdale. Another unique nativity comes from Choque, Peru. In this nativity make sure to take a close look at their large hands and feet. Allegedly, the figures are patterned after the villagers who have similar sized limbs due to "something in the water." The collection includes a nativity made from an emu egg, an African clay nativity, one made in pewter from Germany and even a Polish nativity made from scrap tinfoil (gum wrappers!)

The exhibit will be on display through January 12th so make plans to stop by for a visit.



Rotating Veterans Gallery

This exhibit is dedicated to the veterans of Hunt County. Have you or your parents ever lived in Hunt County? If so, we would like to talk to you. This area is changed out approximately once a year so we are always on the lookout for new artifacts for this section.